Penny – UI und UX Design für die Discounter-App.

Where can I find the next Penny market? When is the store open? What's on sale?

The Penny iPhone app provides useful features like the market finder, daily deals, shopping lists and much more!

I was the leading user interface designer of the Penny app, a project I worked on in 2014 while at the advertising agency nexum AG. Besides reworking the user interface, I developed the user experience further and delivered all neccessary assets for development.

B.Easy – UI und UX Design für die Discounter-App.

B.Easy is a mobile app that lets you pre-order food at the fastfood BBQ restaurant B.Easy in Cologne, Germany. Place an order and pay for it in the app so all you have to do is pick it up at the time you specify!

B.Easy was a freelance project commissioned by MobiLab Solution GmbH. I designed the app logo and entire user interface, creating all needed assets for development using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Vapiano is a German-based restaurant chain available in 28 countries with more than 140 restaurants. The app lets you order and pay food while sitting inside a Vapiano restaurant or preorder it already from home.

Vapiano is a freelance project I started in 2014. From the beginning I embedded all Photoshop layouts into a Marvel prototype to get an appreciation for the flow. The design approvals occured in InVision App to ensure a good collaboration with MobiLab and Vapiano at the same time.

Nappkin lets you find nearby restaurants where you can pre-order food. Place an order and pay upfront so you can pick it up at the time you specify!

Nappkin was a freelance project commissioned by MobiLab Solution GmbH. The first assignment was to find a good name and logo for the iOS app. I designed the entire corporate design and user interface, preparing all assets in Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC for development.

This is a User Experience and User Interface redesign concept of the XING iOS App I created to show how a reviced version should look like.

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